Tour no. 6

Local Action Group “White Meadows”
The longest Green Velo cycling route in Poland starts in Świętokrzyskie. The route is over 2000 km long and runs across charming villages. One of them is the village of Trzemosna, situated in a wood-covered area of the White Meadows LAG. This was why the LAG has decided to establish an accommodation facility for cyclist called “The Stork’s Nest”. If you take part in this study visit you will also see other projects – public and private investments supporting the touristic development of the area.

Main themes:
- business development,
- job creation,
- rural tourism.

Tourist shelter "The Stork’s Nest"
The shelter is situated on the Green Velo cycling route. It has guestrooms for 19 people, a conference room, an outdoor gym, a playground for kids and a gazebo.

The investment was carried out by the LAG as own project. Total value: PLN 55.000 (ca. EUR 12.000), co-financed by the EAFRD.

Holiday cottages "Cypress" in Korytnica
A privately-owned business. There are 48 beds, a large, well-equipped playground, bicycles, scooters, grill and fireplace. The company has received funding under RDP 2014-2020 within the local development strategy of the White Meadows LAG.

The project involved the construction of well-equipped cottages, each with a kitchen and heating system. There are 8 one-storey cottages, each with an area of 40 m² plus a covered terrace of 12m².

The company offers its services primarily to families with children looking for a quiet place full of activities.
Investment: PLN 392.131 (ca. EUR 85.000), co-financing from the EAFRD: PLN 160.000 (ca. EUR 34.000). Number of jobs created: 3.

Local Center of Entrepreneurship Support in Staszów
A business support centre managed by the White Meadows LAG, established under a transnational cooperation project. It is a place where inhabitants can obtain support such as office services, consultancy, funding advice, and they can take part in trainings and conferences.

Total cost: PLN 377.500,00 (ca. EUR 82.000,00), co-financed by the EAFRD.

"Kolejowa 18" Restaurant
This exciting place was created in 2018 thanks to financial support from the RDP 2014-2020. Customers will find here a wide choice of dishes: meat, vegetarian, vegan, dietetic, as well as special menu for children. All the dishes are prepared from fresh products of the highest quality, mainly produced in the region. In addition, the restaurant offers the dish of the day – to cater for the needs of customers who are in a hurry or would like to grab some food and get back to work quickly. The food is served in the restaurant or as take-away. Moreover, the restaurant organises various tailor-made events taking into account the customers’ needs. It has a large group of regular customers.

The LAG-funded project helped the owners to renovate and equip the entire restaurant, including the kitchen, storerooms and toilets.

In 2020 Mr and Mrs Burzawa, the restaurant owners, started a new investment – guest rooms and apartments for visitors have been added on the upper floor of the building, and the restaurant’s offer will also include meals for the guests.

Investment: PLN 482.000 (ca. EUR 104.000). Co-financing: PLN 250.000 (ca. EUR 54.300). Number of jobs created:  10.

Szydłów Castle
Szydłów is a picturesque little town surrounded by medieval walls of its castle. In the period 2017 - 2019 the municipality of Szydłów used funding from the ERDF to renovate five historical buildings, including the royal castle, the synagogue, the church, the Holy Spirit hospital, and the tower and ramparts; the marketplace was also revitalised. Thanks to these investments, the town has become attractive once more and started to receive crowds of visitors.




„European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development: Europe investing in rural areas".
Project co-financed from the European Union funds under the II Scheme of Technical Assistance measure "Polish Rural Network" of the Rural Development Programme for 2014-2020.
The Managing Authority of the Rural Development Programme for 2014-2020 – the Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development.