Tour no. 5

Local Action Group "Royal Ponidzie"
When you go to a resort for health reasons, you would expect to breathe clean air. However, very often, if you go to a spa or resort in winter, you find that the air quality is poor due to emission of dust from private house heating systems. To find out how this issue is addressed by the authorities of the Busko Zdrój resort, you should choose the study visit prepared by the “Royal Ponidzie” LAG.

The visit will also showcase examples of investments carried out in Stopnica municipality, linked to mitigating climate change by renewable energies, including photovoltaic panels and heat pumps.

Main themes:
- green energy,
- mitigating climate change,
- health-related tourism.

Graduation tower. Environmental protection projects in Busko Zdrój

In the southern part of the town, in the new spa park, one of the largest and most modern graduation towers in Poland was built. This amazing circular construction has ca. 72 m in diameter and 226 m in circumference, and its walls are ca. 10 m high. There are two rings of blackthorn separated by a maze of paths, leading to an inner court with a fountain of mist. The size of this inner court makes it possible to also organise cultural events in this space. At the top there is a viewing terrace offering a panorama of the lovely spa town.
Right next to this construction there is a drinking hall and a small year-round graduation tower. In the same building there is also a hothouse with wonderful plants and exotic atmosphere. Outside there is a multi-media fountain and a modern playground in the form of a ship. The whole facility is situated in the green park area inviting for long walks, and emanates peace and calm.

Investment: PLN 25.462.000 (ca. EUR 5.535.000), co-financed with the ERDF.

Revitalisation of Busko Zdrój, which took place in 2019 – 2021, aimed at restoring the original park. A number of investments were carried out in the park, including rainwater drainage, installations for watering the plants, footpaths paved with granite slabs and paving stones, fountains, benches, litter bins, bicycle racks, hammocks and deck chairs.  
One of the objectives of the park regeneration was a new lighting system, which not only improves the safety, but makes the spa part of the town more attractive. The lighting system brings together tradition and modernity, and enables a smart control of sound and light using LED technology. Thus, visitors can enjoy shows called “A park painted with light and sound”.

Investment: PLN 20.028.800 (ca. EUR 4.350.000), co-financed with the ERDF.

Renewable energy  -  solar installations in the homes of Busko-Zdrój municipality
A total of 588 photovoltaic systems have been installed in Busko Zdrój both on public and private buildings. This has led to a significant reduction of CO2 emissions.

Investment: PLN 5.000.000 (ca. EUR 1.080.000), co-financed with the ERDF.

Improving energy efficiency in public sector and housing
The project aimed to improve energy efficiency of public buildings and social housing and to decrease CO2 emissions through thermal modernisation. Ten municipal building with important communal functions were targeted: village clubs, fire-brigade stations and social housing for poorer inhabitants.

Total investment: PLN  2.778.000 (ca. EUR 600.000).

Canoe marina on the Nida River in Wiślica
On the way to the next point, we will also go to Wiślica for a moment, where we will get to know the place of the project of cooperation of five local action groups and local branches of the Polish Tourist and Sightseeing Society, which created "Świętokrzyskie Common and Attractive Tourism".

One of the effects of this project (apart from creating a system of canoeing, cycling and hiking trails) we will be able to see with our own eyes - the marina built on the Nida River and the Natura 2000 area. The project contributed not only to the development of tourism in the region, but also enriched the regional offer of "healthy", active leisure, whilst using the landscape and natural values of this place.

The total value of the project is PLN 1.262.352,00 (ca. EUR 278.051,00), financed by the European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development.

Investments in Stopnica municipality
The municipality of Stopnica implements a number of investments aimed at revitalising the area and modernisation of recreational and educational facilities, but it has not forgotten about the environment and mitigation of climate change.
When the 14th century royal castle was being restored and adapted as the Municipal Cultural Centre, geothermal heat pumps were installed. The building contains exhibition rooms with local collections, halls for performances and training courses, as well as workshops for young people, a library and reading room, computer rooms and guest rooms. As a result, a well-designed multi-functional building has been created, where cultural events, scientific meetings, history lectures, training courses and many other activities targeting inhabitants and tourists can be organised.
Over 500 solar collectors have been installed in Stopnica to obtain hot water for heating in private homes and in an educational-sports centre comprising a nursery school, a kindergarten and a swimming pool. In addition, photovoltaic panels were installed on the municipal office building.




„European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development: Europe investing in rural areas".
Project co-financed from the European Union funds under the II Scheme of Technical Assistance measure "Polish Rural Network" of the Rural Development Programme for 2014-2020.
The Managing Authority of the Rural Development Programme for 2014-2020 – the Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development.