Tour no. 3

Local Action Group “Black Nida Pearls”
The LAG "Black Nida Pearls” covers three municipalities neighbouring with the city of Kielce: Chęciny, Morawica, Nowiny. Due to this location they face the challenge how to encourage people from Kielce to move to the LAG area. When you choose this visit you will see investments which helped achieve this objective, and will learn what is being done to integrate the inhabitants, and thus to maintain the character of a living countryside, and not just a “bedroom” for the people who work in Kielce.

Main themes:
- tourism and recreation in rural areas,
- job creation,
- local products.

Visit to Morawica.
Presentation of projects implemented, as an example of coherent action of local authorities for the cultural and touristic development of the municipality.

A modern building containing the town hall, a cultural centre, library and tourist information centre, its recreational area with a fountain and benches.
Investment: PLN12.000.000 (ca. EUR 2.600.000), co-financed with the ERDF.

The park located in the centre of Morawica used to be completely overgrown, wild, and closed for inhabitants. The local government decided to bring it back to life and make of it a place where the inhabitants can meet and relax. Once this revitalisation was completed, it is now a key asset of Morawica municipality. The historical park next to the Local Authority Centre has completely changed: there are walking paths, new lamps, paved alleys. Benches and litter bins have been set up, and thousands of ornamental trees and bushes have been planted. All this was carried out under the supervision of the inspector of ancient monuments, because the park is a historical monument. Also, a very important historical building has been restored: an outbuilding of the ancient manor, built in 1858. After renovation it serves as a café. There is a plan to create a children’s playground next to the restored outbuilding.

Investment: PLN 2.600.000 (ca. EUR 560.000), co-financed with the ERDF.

An artificial lake of 7,2 hectares used for retention and recreation purposes, with a jetty of 24 m, sandy beach, bicycle and walking path, paintball and beach volleyball facilities. Businesses surrounding the lake have been set up by the inhabitants with the support of the LAG funded from the EAFRD. In the summer, there are firms that rent canoes or bicycles and restaurants.

Investment: PLN 7.712.000 (ca. EUR 1.676.000), co-financed with the ERDF.

"The Towers" Entertainment Hall
The location of various sports, culture and entertainment events contains an auditorium with 1300 places, a fitness module, a gym with sauna, wrestling hall, two conference rooms, a concert and theatre hall and a cafeteria.

Investment: PLN 18.905.595 (ca. EUR 4.100.000), co-financed with the ERDF.

The town park in Chęciny
Among the new inhabitants of Chęciny there are many young couples with children. These families would like to have a place where they can relax. Thus, the local authority has developed a recreation area of ca. 2 hectares, which includes a modern playground for children, a skatepark, a pump track, gym, alleys, stylish benches and lamps.

Investment: PLN 6.579.000 (ca. EUR 1.430.000), co-financed with the ERDF.

The town park is a place where families like to spend time, so the LAG has used EAFRD funding to support the creation, in the neighbourhood, of a café called "The Ice Cream Land", which offers ice-cream, pastries, wafers, home-made cakes, desserts, coffee and fresh fruit juice. The customers can enjoy the view on the nearby medieval castle of Chęciny.
Investment: PLN 72.202 (ca. EUR 15.700). One job created.

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„European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development: Europe investing in rural areas".
Project co-financed from the European Union funds under the II Scheme of Technical Assistance measure "Polish Rural Network" of the Rural Development Programme for 2014-2020.
The Managing Authority of the Rural Development Programme for 2014-2020 – the Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development.